Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rebuildable Vehicles Make Good Sense

The major reason for purchasing a rebuildable vehicle is price and cost of ownership. A rebuildable car is discounted much more than the cost of repairs. Correctly repaired cars are often sold two to three years after purchase for near the original investment. Mileage and maintenance will affect normal depreciation in the same manner as with new or used vehicles.

The amount or percentage of savings depends on the type of car and the model year, but is usually substantial. Of course, repair costs and quality must be considered carefully and factored into the total cost prior to the purchase. rebuildable cars are insurance company loss vechicles. In all cases, we are looking for vehicles that are in above average to excellent condition prior to casualty loss and will provide good value for our customers.

When properly repaired, rebuildable cars are as safe as other cars on the road which have not been repaired.

In the U.S., vehicles are titled by the individual states and the type of title a rebuildable car will have depends on the state the car is titled in. Some states re-title rebuildable salvage titled vehicles, while others leave the original title with the vehicle. Your state motor vehicle department or our title department can assist you with this.

The following websites are excellent sorces for Salvage Vehicles;